Saturday Apr 17, 2010

Witte Fietsen Plan

Hopefully your Dutch is sufficient to understand the title :). In flower-power Holland – 45 years ago on my birthday – the Provo movement started an initiative in Amsterdam to provide everybody with free bicycles. Just grab one, and leave it when you're at your destination. To distinguish these bikes and prevent them from being stolen, they were painted white. The whole thing didn't work, at least not at the time in that form.

I had to think of that last week, when I came out of the office to grab my blue bike to go back home. Mmmm, not such a good plan. My bike wasn't dark blue anymore, but bright white. A sudden late afternoon snowstorm had turned my trusted piece of commute transportation into a solid piece of ice. Oh well, just a night in the garage fixed that problem.

Witte Fiets