Thursday Dec 28, 2006

Solaris Install + USB

Last night ... mmm, more early this morning :-) ... I was installing OpenSolaris SDX beta (Nevada build #55) and forgot that my USB external drive was still plugged in. This happened because I had downloaded on that drive the 4 Gig ISO image and then burnt it to a DVD.

The install went well, with the only muddy thing that my bootdisk had become c2d0 and not c0d0, what I'm used to. But still: so far, so good. After login I noticed the USB partition being auto-mounted, which is good, and I suddenly understood what had happened. The USB device has one way or another a higher priority over the ATA harddisk and therefore the bootdisk becomes c2d0. Which is of course not what you want to happen.

You can imagine that when I unmounted the USB disk and rebooted, the system needed some deep hard thinking – read "long timeouts" – before it understood where to find its MBR. In short: don't do this!! I took the easy way out and reinstalled everything from scratch, which was not too bad but could have been avoided. Lesson to learn: unplug every USB stick or device before you install an OS.